Where Do I Login?

When you have a new website it can be confusing to know where to login.

With a website by Gozone there are three places you may login:

  1. Your Gozone Account
  2. Your website
  3. Your web email account
Gozone Account
Your Website
Your Web Email (Webmail)
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 Your Gozone Account is where you manage your relationship with Gozone.  You can request a new email address, a new plugin or send a support ticket to us from your Gozone account.

The login address for your Gozone account is:

Your username is: Your email address

Your password is: The very first password you created with Gozone

 Your website has the address

At the very bottom of your website is a link called "Login".  You can use this link to enter the administration area of your website. In the admin area you can edit/edit pages and much more.

The first time you login:

Your username is: gozone

Your password is: elastic

Change these the first time you log in.

If you require an email address you request this through your Gozone account.

To login to your webmail go to

Your username is: Your full email address

Your password is: The password provided by Gozone

You can change the password after login.

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Written by: Chris Hodson

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