What Is Elastic?

To build a powerful, modern website you need thousands of lines of computer code to control all the aspects of your site.

But who has the time or expertise for that? Gozone does, so we built Elastic.  

Elastic is a complete website management tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your web design and content with out having to know code.

With Elastic we have done many thousands of hours of programming so that the code that runs your site never enters your mind.  You want to run a successful web enterprise and we have the tool that lets you do it. Elastic requires zero code changes from you.  You say "I want this to appear in column 3" and Elastic does all the hard work for you behind the scenes.  


With Elastic you can change colours with one click, set borders, adjust backgrounds, upload header images, move content on your pages and add in advanced plug-ins.

All this with no knowledge of code.

When you are ready for a website, Gozone rolls everything into one fantastic package.  You want a site and we give you a domain (, hosting and server space, help and support and exclusive access to Elastic.  In other words, everything you need to set up a website rolled into one outstanding package.

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Written by: Chris Hodson

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