What Domain Should I Choose For My Website

We have just had a great question from a client about domains.  Michael asks:


If I want a domain with a generic name like sandwiches, lets say is not available, how much SEO value do I lose by using say, ozsandwiches? Does the -sandwiches- part of the name have any value or is it just a completely different value for SEO? Is there any point having or any other suffix?


Google look at almost 250 factors when making a decision about the importance of a website.  The domain or web address is a major consideration for Google when making ranking decisions.

All other things equal, for the search -sandwiches- in Australia: would generally perform best would be next best would perform third best

If these were unavailable: would perform very well but would perform better

Google has a feature they call their semantic search which looks at the meaning not just the individual words.  So because ham has more to do with a sandwich than oz would probable perform better than

Using the alternate domains like .info in theory doesn't make a difference but when you do searches how many times do you get a result that is .info or .ws?  Not very often.

The short answer is that a domain with your most important keywords in it with a for Australia or a if your customers are in the UK would perform best from a SEO point of view.

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Written by: Chris Hodson

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