What Are Meta Tags On My Elastic Website

Meta means "about" or "behind" and so it means data about your page.

Each page on your website should be about a particular topic e.g. Long Stem Red Roses.  The meta data gives search engines like Google valuable information about your page. When you add or edit a page in your Elastic website you can adjust the meta data.

In the image below you can see:

Meta Title - This is the title of your page and is what Google uses to create the blue links in their results. You should use the most important phrase from the page content here e.g. Spa Repairs by Warm Springs Pool and Spa Repairs

Meta Description - Is a short description of the content on your page and this is what Google usually uses to create the black text on their results.  You should include your key phrase once in your description.

Meta Keywords - This field should contain up to 5 keywords that are important on your page.  Meta keywords do not show on Google but gives Google an indication of what words are important.  You should include your key phrase here.

URL - The URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the address of your page.  Google currently displays the URL in Green.  It is a good idea to use at least some of your key words here e.g.


Written by: Chris Hodson

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