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Frequently Asked Questions

1) With the shopping cart, is there a freight component that will automatically calculate postage, ie - if someone buys a bumper sticker, an eraser and a shower curtain - it will realise that it only needs 1 @ 3kg satchel bag for postage? 

***Yes definitely freight is built in. You can have one set of freight costs for customers inside Australia and a different set for customers outside Australia.  When the customer enters their delivery address it applies the correct postage system.  

There are 3 calculation systems for shipping.  

  1. Accumulate shipping charge for each item ordered. With this item if shipping is $2 per item and 10 items are ordered then shipping will be $20. 30 items will be $60 etc.
  2. Orders under or equal to  shipping is  and orders over  shipping is
  3. With this option you still accumulate shipping per item but you have a minimum and maximum shipping amount. Minimum shipping is  and maximum shipping is  

2) Can Paypal be added as another way of payment, if people do not wish to put their credit card details in?

***Yes the shopping cart supports 4 payment methods. Invoice only(no payment just a bill), bank deposit, PayPal and Eway (an online credit card system). 

3) Can the quantity button automatically refresh to show stock on hand, each time someone orders: 

***I have the background of this set up but have never implemented it into the cart.  I would be happy to add this feature for you.

4) If for instance, if someone ordered 200 flat pak stubby holders, and there are only 150 units on hand, is there the ability to backorder the stock, or how does that get setup?  Can an email be sent to the person to ask if they would like split delivery, or wait for all 200 to come in? 

***Relating to question 3.  When you have a stock level system you have a setting to either limit the order to available stock which means people can't over order or you can allow the system to exceed available stock.  If the customer places an order for 200 items and you have 150 available in the order admin you can set the order to "Back Order" while you are waiting for the other 50.  Normally at this point you would be talking to the customer via email to explain the situation.

5) Are there stock inventory reports, or sales reports that can be run to show what has been selling well, what we need to order more of:

***No inventory reports at the moment but it is an important thing to add so I am happy to add this.  The system does have sales reports already.  You can see how much each customer has spent, the value of each product sold, range of sale amounts and we can add any new reports you need. 

6) Or red flag alerts to say - you need to order more fridge magnets if it has reached the minimum stock on hand level?

***Relates to previous questions.  I am happy to add in a stock system that would include this. 

7) Is there an ability to create invoices as well, or is that a different software program? 

***Yes.  One of the payment options is invoice only.  The customer can use the shopping cart but at the end can click the invoice only option.  This emails them an invoice as well as displaying it on the screen.  They can then take the invoice and use any of the payment methods you specify.

8) I was thinking of having say all products listed on one page, then another page/s with products listed by category, ie "health and wellbeing", "Drinkware" etc. And then finally individual pages with just one product and description on it - with the "add to shopping cart" section.

***When you add a new product it automatically gets its own product page.  This has product descriptions, prices, unlimited photos, add to cart button etc.  On the other pages of the site you can tick a box to show the products.  You can show one or all products on any page.

9) On the page with just one product and its description, there would obviously be a large photograph showing product image.  But can there be smaller "alternate view" photographs, that if someone clicks on them, those photos become larger?

***Yes.  The current set up on the product page is a large photo with small thumbnails underneath.  When you click on the thumb nails the big picture changes to the thumbnail image.

Written by: Chris Hodson

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