Plug-In Features

Want your website to do more?

Elastic can efficiently add the following features:

  • Shopping Cart - Sell your digital and physical products online. Cost: $2.12 per week.
  • Latest News - Display the latest news from Elastic's News feature on your site's pages. Cost: $0.09 per week.
  • Google Integration - Harness the power of Analytics or Webmaster Tools or use Google ads.  Cost $0.28 per week.
  • Facebook Integration - Have a Facebook Like and Share Button appear on your pages. Cost $0.02 per week.
  • Twitter Integration - Have a Tweet This button appear on your pages. Cost $0.02 per week.
  • Simple Subscriber - Collect the email addresses of your website's visitors.  Cost: $0.09 per week.
  • Complex Subscriber - Collect an unlimited amount and variety of information from your site visitors.  Create subscriber forms that let visitors receive newsletters, free ebooks anything. Cost: $0.48 per week.
  • Membership - Allow your site to have members. Control who sees what and who can do what on your site.  Collect membership fees and manage all the features of your site. Cost: $1.00 per week.
  • Photo and Video Gallery - Easily display photos and videos for the viewing pleasure of your members or visitors. Cost: $0.48 per week.
  • Email Newsletter - Easily send regular newsletters to your site subscribers, members, customers and more. Cost: $1.00 per week.

Written by: Chris Hodson

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