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The internet has totally changed the way businesses market themselves.  However online marketing can be a mine field, so you need to tread carefully to avoid mistakes and get the most out of your marketing program.  Gozone are experts in all forms of online marketing.   

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To give you some background here is a run down of the 6 most popular methods of online marketing:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • SMS
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


Google with revenues approaching $30b per year are an international powerhouse on the internet.

Google offers two main ways to market your business:

  • Paid ads - Where you pay Google for search ads to appear
  • Organic listings - These are unpaid listings that match a persons search queries 

Google is best if you have a clearly defined product or service as Google will bring new motivated and qualified customers to you.  Google brings people with money to spend now, right to your website.  If you have something you want people to find then Google is the answer.


With almost 1 billion users worldwide Facebook is an important consideration when it come to your online mix.  Facebook is very powerful when it comes to maintaining a relationship with people over a long period of time.

If you have club members, regular customers such as a vet or chiropractor or sell large items such as pools, gym equipment or houses, Facebook can be an invaluable tool.


Regular email updates are a very cost effective way to keep your product or brand in people minds.  Like Facebook, email is a great tool for a long term relationship.


An SMS text message gets your information directly and instantly to the recipient no matter where they are.  Research shows that over 90% of all SMS messages are read and then kept by their recipient.  SMS is quick, convenient and it works.


YouTube is another powerhouse of the internet.  The latest statistics show that about 1 week worth of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every hour.

YouTube is a great tool for getting out a visual message.  You could be a real estate agent that offers videos of newly listed homes or a vet that wants to provide pet care advice to their clients.


With 10 million users in Australia Twitter gives email, Facebook and SMS a run for its money.  Twitter is a fantastic way to get information out to your uses quickly and effectively.  It is cost effective and very user friendly.

Written by: Chris Hodson

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