How To Add A Blog Post To Your Elastic Website

Built in to Elastic is the ability to have a Blog, News or Calendar page.

Admin Area

When you are in the admin area of your site you will see the "pages" section on the left.  Under pages you will have a links that says "Blog", "News" or "Calendar" depending on your settings.

That page lets you manage all the settings for your blog, news or calendar page. 

Adding A Post

Using the Elastic system we have made it very simple to turn a page into a blog post.  When you add a page in the top right hand corner there is a date picker and a tick box that says "show news".

Set the date to the date you want for your post and tick the box and after saving your post will now appear on your blog page.

Public Page

The public can view your posts at or or depending on the page type you have chosen.

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Written by: Chris Hodson

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