How To Access Email

Do you want an email forwarder or an email account?

Email Forwarders

Do you already have an email address like or  If you set up a professional email address e.g. you can have emails that are sent to simply redirected (forwarded) to or

You only check your old email account and your forwarded emails appear there.


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • All your email goes to your existing email account


  • By default your replies will come from your main email address e.g.
  • You must already have an account

Email Accounts

  • An account is like a box that stores emails.  It holds them ready for you to read.


  • If you don't have an email address at all you need at least one email account to store email
  • Replies from your email account will be branded e.g.
  • Accounts are separate from each other.  If you have and then Jim and Nancy can have their own separate email accounts.

If you want many email addresses e.g. admin@ info@ sarah@ then you can have one email account and then forward all the other addresses to it.

To set up your email forwarders or accounts you need to login to your Gozone Account. - Click here to login.

How to access an email account after you have set it up

As part of your Elastic package you get 3 ways of accessing your email:

  • Webmail
  • POP 3
  • IMAP


Webmail is an online email client that allows you to check email from any internet enabled computer, similar to Gmail or Hotmail.

To access your webmail go to

Of course in the place of "" you put or

Login with the username and password you were sent.

You will be presented with 3 choices of email client.  We recommend using Roundcube.

Advantages of webmail:

  • No software or configuration as we have already set it up
  • Access from any internet enabled computer

Disadvantages of webmail:

  • With your Elastic package you get 1GB of storage standard.  If you have many photos, videos etc. stored once you reach 1GB you won't receive any more emails until you delete some old ones
  • Some corporate computer systems block webmail so you can't access it from work


Incoming mail servers: (replace "" with your actual domain e.g.

Outgoing mail server:

Port: 465

Connection Security: SSL/TSL

Authentication Method: Normal Password

Username: Full email address

In simple terms POP3 means that either using Gmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Firebird or another email program you download your email messages from the Elastic server to another server or to your local computer. The emails then removed from your Elastic server.  IMAP means that you email is not moved but it is synced with another email system.  IMAP does not remove emails from the Elastic server.

Each email system is different so you will have to Google the steps to set up POP3/IMAP.

If you are running Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 here is the official Microsoft page.

Bug Alert: It is a known bug with earlier versions of Outlook that if you are trying to access more than one email account, the second account may fail.  We recommend using a fantastic free email client called Thunderbird.  Thunderbird is made by the same group that creates the Firefox web browser.

To get Thunderbird go to:

Generally, if you only have one computer and will only send and receive email from this computer then use POP3.  If you want to sometimes use webmail, sometimes your home computer and sometimes use your smart phone for email then set up IMAP.

The main settings you need to set up POP3 or IMAP are as follows:

Incoming mail server: (of course in the place of put or

Outgoing mail server: (your outgoing server generally does not need the authentication box ticked)

Username: Your full email address

Password: Your email password

Advantages of POP3:

  • Email is moved from the Elastic server so you can keep as many emails as your computer hard drive can store

Advantages of IMAP:

  • Email is synced so that the email on your smart phone, webmail and home computer are the same.  Delete from one and you delete from all

Disadvantages of POP3:

  • Once you download your messages they can only be viewed by your home computer
  • If you home computer crashes or is destroyed or stolen your emails are lost as well

Disadvantages of IMAP:

  • With your Elastic package you get 1GB of storage standard.  If you have many photos, videos etc. stored once you reach 1GB you won't receive any more emails until you delete some old ones

Written by: Chris Hodson

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