Ranking Your Website On Google

We hope you enjoy these Google tips and use them to boost your website rankings.  For each suggestion we have included a video from Matt Cutts or the team from Google to explain further. 




Google Tips:

Domain names - Your domain is your businesses online identity.  If you are a professional then register a domain name that matches your business name.  If you are selling or promoting a product or service then you may consider including an umbrella term in your domain that describes what you do e.g. YouTube Video

Submit Your Site To Google - When your site is new, Google doesn't know it exists.  You either need a site Google knows to link to you or you need to submit your URL to Google.

Here is the link to the submission form: 

YouTube Video
Regular Content - Add content to your site regularly.  Once a day, once a week, once a month is much better from Google's point of view than 3 new pages in 3 days then nothing for 6 months. YouTube Video
Natural Language and Variety - Write in natural everyday language and use variations of words.  If you write a page or article about sport use the words football, footballs, kicking the pig skin, not the round ball, the Burley etc. Try and use as many plurals, verbs, tenses, versions and varieties of words as you can. YouYube Video
Collect Links To Your Site - Inbound links that point to your site from another website are the strongest signal Google uses to determine the importance of your site.  Google sees a link as a "vote" for the quality of your website.  YouTube Video

Written by: Chris Hodson

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