Getting Started With Elastic

Congratulations for selecting Elastic as your website management tool. These guides are designed to help you get the most out of Elastic.

We recommend working through the guides from the beginning.

The Basics:

  1. Where do I login?
  2. How to log into the Elastic administration area
  3. What are meta tags on my Elastic website?
  4. How to access email
  5. How to set up email with Mozilla Thunderbird

Using Elastic Features:

  1. How to add or edit a webpage with Elastic
  2. How to insert a table into a page
  3. How to upload, edit and insert an image to Elastic
  4. How to link from one page to another
  5. How to add a blog
  6. How to add a YouTube video
  7. How to add or edit your header images
  8. How to use layouts

Selling Online:

  1. How to find your PayPal merchant ID
  2. How to add a PayPal button to your Elastic website
  3. How to sell a digital product using PayPal

Integrating Facebook:

  1. How to shorten your Facebook URL

 Ranking Well On Google

  1. Top Google Tips

Written by: Chris Hodson

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