Marketing On Facebook

Why Facebook

People use Google to solve problems but they use Facebook socially, for entertainment.  When people "Like" you on Facebook they are giving you permission to interact with them in a social and connected way.

People don't mind your messages appearing in their news feed especially if they are funny or helpful.

Your business can leverage this to hold your message in the front of a potential customers mind over time.  A Facebook news article isn't as intrusive as an email but can be a gentle and subtle reminder to a customer that you are still there and waiting to serve them.

Scenarios Where Facebook Can Work

You sell swimming pools, cars, trampolines, jewellery etc.  People can take months or even years to finalise their purchase.  Rather than letting them leave only to purchase from a competitor in 3 months, say "Like our Facebook page now on your smart phone and when you ever come back to buy you will get a free step/bag of salt etc."  You can then post success stories and images of new pools as they are installed.

You run a kids gym, music studio, fitness club etc.  Offer a bonus for people that "Like" your business on Facebook.  Keep your customers up to date with success stories, photos etc.

What does it cost to market with Facebook?

There is no direct cost to Facebook if you use a Facebook business page.  The only cost is the time to manage your Facebook page.

Gozone can help you with Facebook in the following ways:

  • Initial conversation to discuss your business and the ways you could use Facebook - Cost $0
  • Develop a comprehensive Facebook plan that you can use to run your Facebook campaign, or we can execute the plan for you
  • Run your "Like" collection program
  • Create your Facebook images, videos or articles
  • Regularly upload your Facebook content

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Written by: Chris Hodson

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