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I need a website. Can you help?

Are you there to help if I need it?

  • Yes absolutely.  We have phone support during office hours and 7 day email support.  We can help with technical and business advice for your online business

What is Elastic?

  • Elastic is a website management software package created by Gozone

What is included with Elastic by Gozone?

  • Domain rental (domain must be transferred to Gozone to be covered.  External domains are fine but the cost will not be covered by Gozone)
  • 10 gigabytes of hosting/server space (extra hosting can be purchased for $15 per gigabyte per year)
  • Elastic website management software 
  • Technical and business help and support
  • Email access

Is graphic design included?

  • When you first sign up we give you the choice of thousands of templates.  We install that first template at no cost.
  • You can then change fonts, layouts etc.  Elastic is very flexible

Are things like shopping carts and advanced features included?

What does the Elastic package cost?

  • $5.67 per week or $24.57 per month or $294.84 per year

How is the Elastic package billed?

  • Payments are deducted monthly from your credit card

Do you do backups?

  • Yes every day.  We back up for the previous 30 days. If you ever have a problem we will restore your site to its former glory

Am I bound by a contract?

  • No

Can I cancel?

  • Yes you can cancel at any time
  • No refunds will be provided

What happens to my domain if I cancel?

  • Your domain is registered in your name and is your property
  • You will be able to transfer your domain to another registrar at any time

Can I transfer my domain away from Gozone?

  • Of course

What happens to my website and data if I cancel?

  • If required we will supply you with all your website data, images etc.
  • You will be able to transfer this to another system

Will you ever provide or sell my data to a third party?

  • NO! Gozone holds the highest ethical standards and will never sell or provide your data to a third party

Written by: Chris Hodson

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